I am currently stationed in the Chattanooga area as the marketing design manager for a nationally-recognized brand. I have over ten years of professional creative experience in both freelance, agency, and in-house environments, and I am always learning new techniques to improve my design and technical skills.

My main areas of expertise include art direction, print / web design, illustration, CSS / HTML coding, letterpress, and printmaking. I am an open-minded, detail-oriented person with a desire to create the best possible design for my employers. Some of the clients I’ve been privileged to work with in the past include the Lynchburg, TN Whiskey Runners, Keener Marketing, Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc., and the city of Adams, TN.

I enjoy exploring my many hobbies and interests, which include: linocut design, art nouveau, rock music, animals (especially puppies), running, exercising, karate/kempo, vintage car shows, comic books, and antiques.